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After thirty years in the beverage business, it’s the innovation and drive of our Rain Makers that make our story unique and define who we are.


Take a trip down memory lane with us to see some of the highlights…

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Our team is not average. We foster a culture that’s approachable and transparent, emphasizing accountability and empowerment. We’ve grown from our Pacific Northwest roots, to a market leader in the U.S. — and now to an expansion across the globe. Not too shabby for what was once a little team tucked away in Preston, Washington.

Nina Morrison VP of Public Relations At night you can find me bashing The Bachelor, wine in hand and friends by my side. All to keep a balance so that I can tackle each day and support our growing team. Office Favorite: Talking Rain® Peach Nectarine
Luke Fisher Executive VP, Finance Outside our office you can find me hanging with my family, cheering on the Huskies or out on the golf course. Had my first hole-in-one at 12, but I'm still chasing number two…I think I'm due. Office Favorite: Talking Rain® Peach Nectarine
Sarah Gustat VP of Marketing I've traveled a million miles, kicked thousands of soccer balls and completed an ironman, but our team is what brings a smile to my face every day (well, and Red Vines). Office Favorite: Sparkling Ice® Pink Grapefruit
Andrew Haring VP and Corporate Counsel I spent a few years in Japan — that’s where I became a sumo wrestling fan. Office Favorite: Sparkling Ice® Black Cherry
Ryan Quinlan VP of Sales, Distribution It's THE Ohio State University...O-H! Office Favorite: Sparkling Ice® Ginger Lime
Vivian Page Executive VP, People and Technology Obsessed when it comes to self-improvement. I strive to find perspective whether hiking up a volcano, calling out my ego moments, or walking my dog. (Fingers crossed, I come back as a golden retriever.) Office Favorite: Sparkling Ice® Peach Nectarine
Adam Lapp VP of Sales, DSD and Key Accounts I enjoy the art of the battle while competing in business, family, and life. From cribbage to product sales, winning is my goal. Office Favorite: Talking Rain® Lemon-Lime
David Kearns VP of Sales, Club and Ecommerce Happy to say I feel accomplished! My kids are perfect -hard-working, genuine, and good looking- just like me! :) Office Favorite: Sparkling Ice® Black Raspberry
Oscar Mayorquin VP of Supply Chain What?? I thought the OT in OTIF meant Oscar's Time... Office Favorite: Sparkling Ice® Coconut Pineapple
Erik Throndsen Executive VP of Beverage Technology and Innovation I'm critical — just ask my wife or my team. Luckily, it works out because whether I'm in the lab or at home brewing beer, details matter. Office Favorite: It'll be available soon…
Jagriti Sharma VP of Research and Development One life to live; savor every moment. I seek adventures - whether in the lab or my backyard! Office Favorite: Sparkling Ice® Pink Grapefruit
Anne Wilcox VP of Emerging Markets My super power is to consume data at warp-speed and use the insights to change the world! Office Favorite: …and my fuel is Sparkling Ice® Orange Mango.
Ken Sylvia Executive VP of Sales From the golf course to a barbeque with my family and friends-I'm always wicked fun. Go Red Sox! Office Favorite: Sparkling Ice® Cherry Limeade
Chris Hall Chief Executive Officer Driving fast (because I have the need for speed) and living life in the moment. Office Favorite: Sparkling Ice® Cherry Limeade
Marcus Smith President My most fun bad decision: buying a scooter for $50 and driving it 900 miles from New Delhi to Mumbai, where it fell apart on the side of the road. Office Favorite: Sparkling Ice® Crisp Apple

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Talking Rain is working hard to narrow the gender pay gap. Currently, the Talking Rain gender pay gap slightly favors women Rain Makers.


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