A Boss’s Dream

In celebration of Boss’s Day, our Vice President of Supply Chain, Oscar Mayorquin, reflects on his growth as a manager and leader.  See this thoughts below.

Early in my career, I believed that being a “good” boss was about making things happen and telling others what to do. With this mentally, I found myself working all the time and unable to plan, unable to anticipate business needs and holding my direct reports back. After being asked to lead another team within our organization, and seeing my former reports struggling, I quickly realized that I needed to evolve into the leader I wanted to be; an enabler. Providing teams with a purpose, aligned with our company purpose and goals, empowered them to manage and make decisions.  It also built a coalition and authentic trust. As leader, I am now focused on building scale-able, capable and goal-oriented teams.

In my professional and personal life, I have learned that you must treat everyone equally. Being a manager is very complex, and I have to think at all times about motivating myself and others, as well as building trust, accountability, equality and equity. We have diversity in our homes, society and of course, workforce. As leaders we need to carefully create common culture that fits every individual to create a team and company coalition. Every boss’s dream!

Ultimately, I believe as managers it is our goal to allow our Rain Makers to be themselves, empowered to make decisions without fear of failure. There is always an opportunity to learn and get better at what we do – together.