Love what
you do.

And where you do it. Our Rain Makers forge their own paths—finding opportunity at the intersection of what we need, where they thrive, and what they love.

Work with us.


We’re looking for future Rain Makers who take the initiative and don’t wait around to be asked, who see an opportunity and seize it!


When the going gets tough, our Rain Makers don’t just get going-they say “good”, then take what they’ve learned and share it.


We place a lot of trust in our Rain Makers, giving them room to succeed. And, it’s worked out well. We’re lucky to have committed team members who pursue excellence in everything they do.


Stagnation isn’t really our style. So, whether it’s exploring a new product or a report that saves us ten minutes a day, we love new ideas.

Join our team.

“It’s amazing to be in a place where I can see and feel that I’m making a difference.”

Laura Davidson, Operations

Because you’re our MVP.

What can Talking Rain do for you? Well, for starters, you can be yourself, create genuine connections, and grow—exploring your path—through introspection and development. Because rain is good for growth.


We do our best to foster an environment where everyone can take risks and figure out what they do best. To help, we leverage trimester goal setting, development plans and a plethora of training opportunities.


Our Rain Makers are also adventurers, parents, book worms, foodies, etc. Whether it’s parental leave (moms and dads) or three weeks of vacation at start, we support balance because being your best here, means taking time for yourself.


Each of our Rain Makers has a direct line of sight to their impact on our business. We provide transparency around our strategy, empowering our teams and celebrating success.


Come here to be you. Whether it’s our work spaces, community outreach, Workout Wednesdays with personal trainers, or just office potlucks, we want it to feel…us.


Here’s a snapshot of our benefits: medical, dental, vision, 401(k), life insurance, race reimbursements, Rain Maker assistance programs, short and long-term disability, and so much more…

Why Preston?

We love that we can step outside our doors and go running on a trail through the woods. We like the winding roads nestled between mountains (and the 70 MPH limit on the highway isn’t bad either). Find yourself asking, “Where is Preston?” Check it out here.