Talking Rain Beverage Company Funds Puget Sound Honor Flight

Sparkling Ice® Sales Program Surpasses Goals in Second Year; Funding Puget Sound Honor Flight and Supporting Various Local Chapters

Preston, WA (October 27, 2017)Talking Rain Beverage Company, the maker of Sparkling Ice® flavored sparkling waters, is proud to share results from the brand’s second year of involvement with the Honor Flight Network, a non-profit organization created to honor America’s veterans by transporting them to Washington, D.C. to visit and reflect at the memorials dedicated to their service.

For the second year in a row, the Sparkling Ice sales team increased awareness and lent support to the organization through an internal competition. For each thematic “WOW” display built in stores throughout the summer months, Talking Rain donated to Honor Flight. This year, the Sparkling Ice sales team surpassed goals with over 490 displays built, resulting in a $79,000 donation to support Honor Flight. As such, Talking Rain will fully fund an entire Puget Sound Honor Flight trip, which will transport veterans of WWII and the Korean War from Talking Rain’s hometown of Seattle, to our nation’s capital. The remaining funds will be donated to various local chapters to support their flights.

Talking Rain attributes the brand’s involvement with the Honor Flight Network to U.S. Navy Veteran and Talking Rain Vice President of Sales and Supply Chain, Chris Hall, who discovered the organization after stumbling upon a moving Honor Flight departure while traveling. Hall quickly went to work to include the Honor Flight Network among Talking Rain’s various charity partners. “As a veteran, the mission of the Honor Flight Network is close to my heart,” says Hall. “No matter who you are, everyone has a connection or has been touched by a veteran in some way or the other. Giving back to those who have made it possible for us to do the things we do is so important, and it has been my honor to play a part in inspiring my team to give back to our veterans in this way.”

“We are truly humbled by Talking Rain’s support of Puget Sound Honor Flight here in Seattle, as well other hubs across the nation”, said Co-Director Denise Rouleau. “This is the first company to fully fund an entire Puget Sound Honor Flight trip to Washington, DC – meaning 60 local veterans will fly for free to the country’s capital to tour the memorials built in their honor. Talking Rain’s support gives these veterans an opportunity to be recognized and thanked for their service. These trips offer a cathartic experience and, for some, a chance for closure. We are very grateful to everyone at Talking Rain for their generous support and partnership.”

The Puget Sound Honor Flight will depart from Seattle, WA on October 14th, flying veterans and their guardians directly to Washington D.C. The veterans will receive VIP treatment and private tours at their respective memorials. Since its inception in 2005, the Honor Flight Network has transported over 180,000 veterans to Washington, D.C. in support of their goal to provide every veteran with the opportunity to visit those memorials that were created to honor their service and sacrifice, and those of their fellow service men and women.

About Talking Rain Beverage Company

An iconic brand in the Seattle-area for more than 30 years, Talking Rain is a Washington-based beverage company situated in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. This innovative company is outselling global brands in flavor-categories across the U.S., while beginning to find success internationally with the brand’s bold-flavored, lightly carbonated sparkling water.

A part of the Talking Rain product portfolio for over 25 years, Sparkling Ice beverages were often overlooked, until a major organizational shift in 2010 where the new leadership team refocused the company’s efforts on this diamond in the rough. At that time, Talking Rain started to build a strong marketing, sales and manufacturing team to focus efforts on this flavored, zero-calorie carbonated beverage, which was quietly building a strong following in the Northwest since entering the marketplace.

Since 2011, this strategic focus on Sparkling Ice has ignited the brand, resulting in 5900% sales growth from 2010-2015, and surpassing $650 million in sales that same year.

About Puget Sound Honor Flight

Puget Sound Honor Flight is a non-profit organization whose mission is to transport Western Washington war veterans to Washington, D.C., at no expense to them, to visit and reflect at memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifice. Puget Sound Honor Flight is a regional hub of a national organization, the Honor Flight Network, and was started in March 2013. For more information, visit


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