Business for good.

For more than 30 years, we have focused on impacting communities, supporting positive social programs, and empowering our team members to reach their loftiest goals. Why do we do it? Well, it’s good for business. It’s also better for you.

Our Sustainability Pledge: We take seriously the responsibility we have to build a sustainable future. We connect with partners who prioritize these important efforts and we are committed to being a voice in the education of how we can all do our part.


We are committed to:


Our near-term goals include incorporating 25% recycled material in our packaging. ​In fact, here’s a look at just some of our successes from 2019:


Pounds of plastic waste reduced annually by thinner labels


Gallons of water saved from water reduction efforts


Pounds of glue annually saved through less label adhesive


Starting in 2020, we are investing in the Recycling Partnership to help spread word nationally about community recycling programs and how to properly recycle.

In 2020 – all Talking Rain packaging will be updated to educate our consumers on how to recycle. 100% of all our packaging is recyclable (cans, bottles, caps, labels, wraps, and corrugate trays). We are also committing 25% of our Direct To Consumer communications to drive awareness of the recyclability of our packaging and how to properly recycle our packaging. Sorting is key to help community recycling centers find the right materials to reuse again. We support #EveryBottleBack and want to make sure all our bottles are recycled so we can use the plastic again.


We believe that to continue our positive impact in our communities, we need to support the people.

Together with the Honor Flight Network, our mission is to honor America’s veterans for their sacrifice by transporting our heroes to Washington, D.C. to visit their respective war memorials. Supporting our veterans who have made it possible for us to do what we love is at the very foundation of our giving.

We’re proudly partnering with philanthropies, hospitals, and research organizations like UW Medicine Cancer Vaccine Institute and JDRF that are revolutionizing treatments for cancer and other diseases, resulting in happier and healthier communities. Additionally, we donate our time, money and talent to organizations including Children’s Hospitals, Austen Everett Foundation and Global Visionaries to help create a brighter tomorrow.

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